Kisi Kisi Bahasa Inggris

A. Present Perfect Tense
Kejadian yang sudah dilakukan. Dengan Rumus : [has/have + past participle]
1. Jay/go/Hongkong
Jay has gone to Hongkong

2. Vince and Jenna/decide/to get married
Vince and Jenna have decided to get married

3. Kazuya/give up/smoking
Kayuza has given up smoking

4. Billy hair was dirty, now it is clean
Billy has washed his hair atau Billy has gone to saloon

5. Jamie ws go kilograms, now he is 70
Jamie has lost his weight atau Jamie has take diet

6. Yesterday, Paul was playing football, now he can’t walk and his legs in plaster
He has injured when he was playing football atau he has broken is legs

B. Passive Voice

1. Bobby is writing a letter
A letter is being written by Bobby

2. The President will inaugurate the new bridge
The new bridge will be inaugurate by the president

3. Coleen has built a new house
A new house has been built by coleen

4. Lesley ran the company in 1990
The company was ran by Lesley in 1990

5. Marco swims the river
The river is swum by Marco

6. Anthony had eaten the sandwich
The sandwich had been eaten by Anthony

C. Modals

1. Is Donovan British?
No he can’t be British

2. Were Pablo and Sergio in a hurry?
Yes, they must be in a hurry

3. Does Lindsay have much money?
No she can’t be rich


1. You want to borrow your friends car
May I borrow your car?

2. You have a car and you want to give somebody a lift
May I take your home?

3. You are at an interview, you want to smoke a cigarette
May I smoke?

D. Degree of comparisons

1. Old
• is as old as
• older than
• is the oldest of

2. tall
• is as tall as
• taller than
• is the tallest of

3. fast
• is as fast as
• faster than
• is the fastest of

4. fat
• is as fat as
• is fatter than
• is the fattest of

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